Solar canopies for electric car ports

Solar carports are an optimal solution, combining usability, modern design and top technology and providing parking space for two cars, into which a small solar power plant is integrated. With proper dimensioning, the produced electricity is sufficient for the average year-round electricity needed for charging an electric car (approx. 25,000 km/year).

The carports are characterized by a galvanized construction, which allows hiding of the cables in the structure. Therefore, a carport with a solar power plant is suitable for anyone with small roof space for the required size of the solar power plant and anyone who would like to protect cars from external factors.

We also offer a warranty on the built-in modules, namely 12 years on the material and 25 years on the output power, a guarantee on the construction, and ten years on corrosion resistance.

Chargers for electric vehicles

Electric mobility starts at home, with a home electrical charger always available. Chargers for electric cars perfectly complement solar carports and are also suitable for installation on the wall of a home or in a home garage. The electric vehicle is the largest consumer in the household, so it is necessary to ensure adequate fuse ratings. The key to the protection of installations is this dynamic charging, which constantly dynamically adjusts the vehicle's charging power to the remaining available power.

At JB energija ltd, we offer charging stations for electric cars of various capacities and functionalities of the highest quality standards, which are suitable for use in households or business facilities. The chargers enable fast, safe, and reliable charging, which creates genuinely environmentally friendly charging combined with the solar power plant.

Are you planning to buy an electric car? Ensure reliable and environmentally friendly charging!

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