Maintenance and control of power plants

Due to exposure to weather and impurities in the atmosphere, solar power plants require regular monitoring and maintenance. Failure to do so may result in losses in annual electricity production or accidents in the form of breakdowns or fires. Solar power plants are relatively simple and reliable facilities, but they still require constant care and operation monitoring. The most common causes of errors or malfunctions are loose joints, damage to electrical conductors, storms, heavy snowfall, hail, and other factors. Solar plant owners cannot always prevent a fault, but they can ensure the timely detection of deviations in operation. By correcting deficiencies in time, the solar power plant will work reliably, with high quality and safely throughout its entire life.

We offer our customers preventive maintenance inspections of solar power plants, in which possible errors or defects on modules, cables, inverters, or AC and DC cabinets are detected with a thermal imaging inspection of the solar power plant. As a result, the cost of maintenance is significantly lower than the opportunity costs incurred in improper maintenance of the solar power plant.

Our professional team is qualified to conduct such inspections and has all the required certificates, permits, and technologies. We have been dealing with maintenance for more than 5 years, maintaining over 150 power plants or more than 15 MW of production capacity. We provide our customers with continuous monitoring of the power plant's operation and quick notification of errors and deviations. For our customers, we run equipment complaints procedures free of charge. In addition, we offer maintenance services at competitive market rates.

We also offer customers the option of cleaning the modules with a specialized rotating brush that gently and thoroughly cleans stubborn dirt.