Solar power plant construction progress

  1. Enquiry

  2. Creating an informative offer

  3. Confirmation of an offer

  4. Visit
  5. Preparation of documentation – obtaining consent for connecting a solar power plant

  6. Obtaining consent and connecting a solar power plant

  7. Installation of a solar power plant

  8. Concluding a self-supply contract with your preferred supplier

  9. Connecting a solar power plant

Give yourself free electricity and help clean up the environment at the same time.

The self-supply system is based on a counter that records electricity received and delivered. During the day, the facility on which the solar power plant is located generates electricity, while at night it consumes it from the electricity grid. This helps to reduce electricity grid strain, as the electricity is consumed at the source or in the immediate vicinity.

The amount of electricity generated by solar power plants is higher in summer than in winter, so the billing period covers the whole calendar year. At the moment, all energy is fed into the electricity grid free of charge. At the end of the billing period (once a year – in January), an accounting is made of electricity generated and consumed. In the event of a shortfall, the difference between the amount of electricity consumed and the electricity grid fee for that energy will be charged at a flat rate.  We therefore advise the investor to choose a plant size that is appropriate for the consumption of his facility.