Heat pumps and solar carports

Heat pumps

Along with solar power plants, we also install heat pumps and solar carports.

A heat pump is a device that captures ambient heat ( pumps the heat accumulated in different media, e.g. soil, water, air) and brings it up to a higher temperature level. It is suitable for heating buildings and producing domestic hot water. We install top rated heat pumps (Mitsubishi, Toshiba, Daikin,…) that are extremely quiet and economical to run. Combined with micro-solar power plants, they are the best solution for making a house or household almost self-sufficient.

Solar carports

Solar carports offer a stylish and modern solution for parking spaces for vehicles of different sizes (from cars to vans).

The carport roof is covered with photovoltaic modules that generate electricity, store it in a battery installed under the carport or feed it directly into the electricity grid.

In combination with an electric vehicle charger for vehicles of different power outputs and types, they also enable recharging of electric vehicles with electricity. Solar carports represent a technically sophisticated and visually appealing electricity supply solution, even where there is not enough space to install a conventional PV plant on a residential or commercial buildings.