Energy contracting

Want to reduce your business costs? This can be done through energy contracting.

Today, energy costs are an increasing burden on companies’ business operations, while system renewal represents a huge and high-risk investment. Energy renovation provides energy savings that are initially largely used to recoup the investment, but once the investment is fully paid off, any savings achieved accrue to the customer. This means that JB energija d.o.o. will, depending on the existing situation, propose and implement the most efficient and energy-saving system. We do all the work, and you save money for a set period of time.

The benefits of energy contracting are the following:

  • suitable for large organisations, companies and public institutions whose activities consume large amounts of heat and electricity,

  • JB energija d.o.o. provides advice and planning of optimal energy solutions,

  • long-term guaranteed savings in heating and hot water costs,

  • if you need an effective turnkey solution

  • for both energy rehabilitated and non-energy rehabilitated buildings,

  • if you want to increase your energy savings.