About us

JB energija d.o.o is a company of experienced and skilled professionals in the field of energy, who combine their knowledge and experience gained abroad to develop innovative approaches and ensure the most efficient use of energy. Our team is made up of highly qualified professionals holding university degrees, combined with professional competencies such as:

  • Responsible manager and responsible electrical supervisor,

  • Inspector of basic electrical installations and lightning protection installations,

  • Occupational health and safety (OHS) , fire safety,

  • EUREM certificate,

  • Licence for an independent expert in producing energy performance certificates,

  • Slovenian Ministry of Infrastructure: power plant operator,

  • Slovenian Ministry of Infrastructure: industrial glazier.

Slovenian company

Jernej Božič

Bachelor of Electrical Engineering
Company director

Jaka Pavlič

Bachelor of Engineering
Project manager

Manca Brvar

Sales engineer

Dina Hrvić

Bachelor of Engineering
Call center and service

Katerina Božič

Master of business Sciences
Master of Electrical Engineering
Head of development and finance

Lara Vukšič

Head of office

Monika Kovačič

Sales and marketing

Gašper Gorenc

Project assistant

Simon Čižmek

University Bachelor of Electrucal Engineering Technical director

Jerneja Mlakar

Office assistant

Marko Butala

Service and electrical installation

Boris Nunič

Electrical installation

Croatian company

Siniša Jerosimić

Company Director

David Kapeloto

Assembly manager

Niksa Lujo

Electrical installation